The process to develop an ASP for the Smith Creek area incorporated the Canmore community at early stages of the planning process and involved developing an understanding of the social, environmental and financial opportunities and constraints and how they affect the planning and policy development for the subject lands. The goal of the collaborative ASP process is to provide TSMV, the Town and the community with a better understanding of why or why not a certain outcome could or could not be achieved. Throughout the process, the Project Team will seek mutually acceptable solutions, but acknowledge that this may not always be possible.

The intent of the Smith Creek ASP collaborative process is to proactively work through the ASP process to allow both the Town of Canmore and TSMV to:

  • Set specific and achievable project goals together;
  • Define a clear project scope for the ASP;
  • Engage in a transparent and productive dialogue with each other and the community; and
  • Understand all of the questions and concerns brought to the table and work to identify achievable solutions and provide an explanation when a desired outcome is not possible.

Using input from the community identified at open houses and workshops during fall of 2015 and ongoing feedback from the Community Advisory Group (CAG), the Project Team is currently working through a draft policy review. With submission anticipated this fall, future engagement activities will include online discussions using PlaceSpeak, small group community conversations as well as public events to inform the wider Canmore community. Watch your emails for updates on upcoming engagement events!   

The diagram below details the Smith Creek Area Structure Plan process.

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