The Smith Creek Area Structure Plan (ASP) area includes the areas identified as Sites 7, 8 and 9 in the Town of Canmore Land Use Bylaw DC 1-98, the lands currently occupied by Thunderstone Quarries, and two Provincial parcels of land along the Trans-Canada Highway. The Smith Creek ASP Plan Area is located within the Town of Canmore, is adjacent to Stewart Creek Golf Course and extends to the Dead Man’s Flats interchange at the eastern edge of the town.

In 2015, the Town of Canmore (the Town), and QuantumPlace Developments Ltd. (QPD), as representatives of Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd. (TSMV) embarked on a collaborative process to work through the development of the Smith Creek ASP. The Canmore community, TSMV and Town administration all acknowledge a fatigue with past planning processes on TSMV land. The Town of Canmore and TSMV recognized that the Smith Creek ASP was an opportunity to create a new paradigm to move past the frustrations that were generated from past processes. The collaborative process is an opportunity for TSMV, the Town, and the community to have input into a vision for the subject lands and address some long standing issues that require a collaborative effort and understanding in order for them to be resolved.

The preparation of an ASP for the Smith Creek area does not necessarily mean that the development of the land in question is imminent or immediate. An ASP is one of the many steps required before land can be developed. The Smith Creek ASP provides a framework for the subdivision and development of an area and contains policies that allow the Town of Canmore to review and evaluate specific development proposals against.

The collaboration between the Town of Canmore and TSMV to identify and address issues will help improve policy making and the overall planning and decision making process on TSMV lands in the future.

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